Balancing Work and Enjoyment While Studying English in Cape Town

Though studying abroad opens the door to many new and exciting adventures, it's important to remember that your education is also a priority. That's why, to have a truly successful experience while studying abroad, you'll need to balance work and play while you're away. Unfortunately, achieving the delicate balance between work and play isn't always … Continue reading Balancing Work and Enjoyment While Studying English in Cape Town



Introduzione Benvenuti nella "Nazione Arcobaleno", un calderone di culture e colori, dove Babbo Natale porta una tavola da surf, la neve non si vede quasi mai e la gente va a lavorare cantando. Il Sud Africa è un paese di contrasti con panorami immensi e città vive e cosmopolite. Il nostro passato drammatico e il … Continue reading Italian

Flight to Cape Town & visa

easy. El Al has daily flights to Johannesburg, there you would connect to Cape Town.   No Jetlag, 9 hours flight to Johannesburg. 2 more hours flight to Cape Town … normally tickets are about ILS 4500   Clients from Israel do NOT need a study permit for language studies up to 90 days or less. … Continue reading Flight to Cape Town & visa

Downloads 2016

About our school Cape Studies - the facts (1) Cape Studies - the facts (2) Our special offer for clients from Israel 2015 Course fees 2015 USD Welcome Israel Enrolment 2016 USD back Enrolment 2016 USD Israel promotion Course fees 2016 USD Welcome Israel What former students have to say Israel evaluation Accommodation Accommodation close … Continue reading Downloads 2016