Daniel just got back from the


5500 km Safari into Africa to help children’s education!

If this idea sounds crazy? Believe me it was a ‘dusty’ blast. When I say “dusty”, I mean, literally!

Cape Studies sponsors kinder gardens for under privileged kids and a safe house for abandoned children. The students are involved with all these projects. This year we decided to start another project.

The aim was to distribute books, stationary and soccer balls to schools in remote villages in Africa. We all know the future success of Africa lies in the supply of basic education to children. Traveling 5500 km through some very remote villages, one starts to realize the almost impossible task. No electricity, no water, no chairs or desks. The closest towns are 250km or more away. Children walk 5 to 10 kilometers, bare foot every day to school.
It is a world, where fetching water in a 20 liter plastic container, 5 kilometers away, is part of every kids daily survival.

We were received with singing and smiling children every where. A quick spin on ‘top’ of our off-road vehicle and the soccer balls were the highlight.

The other goal of our safari was to create awareness on Organ Donation. To be a hero you could join the New York Fire Department and get your picture on a Christmas calendar. OR, you could become a organ and tissue donor.

“Your heart, liver and pancreas can save 3 lives and your kidneys and lungs can help up to 4 people. You can save 7 lives. You can help a further 50 people by donating your corneas, skin, bone and heart valves.” We did talks at campsites and hotels every night and handed out brochures at doctors practices .

Let’s get back to the fun and dirty part of the trip. Africa is spectacular. Kayaking and camping on the banks of the Orange River. The thrill of being in the middle of the bush with nothing man made in a 100km radius is very special. (except our equipment, which was substantial). Hearing elephants stripping trees 30 meters away from your campsite in the middle of the night and lions fighting over a kill, are mind opening experiences.

Most importantly for me, except for the work we did at the schools and yes, the fact that we might have saved quite a few lives, (..this comment is starting to sound like rubbish) was that I would swop my usual 5 star hotels for the bush, anytime.

Studying at Cape Studies, in South Africa can be a life changing experience and the study fees from students help to give a lot of children a better future. I would like to thank the students of Cape Studies for making this trip possible. Next year we are planning to take 10 vehicles in convoy and try to instal some solar panels to provide basic electricity to 1 or 2 schools.

Join me next year,

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