Essential Things to Pack Before Going to South Africa

Preparing for a trip to South Africa has its own unique considerations. Because of this, it is important that you properly prepare for your trip so that unexpected obstacles won't stand between you and your travel expectations. To help you better prepare for your upcoming trip, Cape Studies has prepared a list of things to … Continue reading Essential Things to Pack Before Going to South Africa


Versión Española

Cape Studies y su Responsabilidad Social Corporativa Cape Studies no es una escuela de Inglés cualquiera, diferenciándose del resto de centros gracias a su compromiso y su implicación con la comunidad local. Sudáfrica es un país que ha sabido fusionar todas sus culturas y nacionalidades de una manera diferente, pero por su historia se dan … Continue reading Versión Española

Kogie Maistry

Kogie Maistry was born in Durban, which is undoubtedly the most beautiful tropical part of South Africa. She moved to Cape Town in 1993, what she likes most about living in Cape Town is the slower paced life, the long summer days and breathtaking sunsets. She started working at Cape Studies in 2004. She considers … Continue reading Kogie Maistry


Most schools pride themselves on being ‘the best’ or ‘the largest’. But who actually makes a lesson successful, which subsequently leads to the achievement of the language school? We believe it is the teachers. Teachers are the most important people at any school. A good teacher is essential for a language course to be a … Continue reading George

Donné Nortjé

Donné Mortge – Teacher at Cape Studies Donné was born in East London, which is in the Eastern Cape in South Africa. She only recently moved to Cape Town and says she absolutely loves living in this beautiful, laid-back, cosmopolitan city! She started working at Cape Studies at the beginning of the year and she … Continue reading Donné Nortjé

Annaelle More, head of school

Annaelle was born and bred in Mauritius. She moved to Cape Town in 2002 to pursue her studies in English, communication and later Education. This fiery woman has a strong passion and interest in dancing and teaching. She follows in the close footsteps of her grandparents who were also teachers. From very little Annaelle played … Continue reading Annaelle More, head of school

New promotional material 2016 and 2017

About South Africa and Cape Town Cape Studies - exploring South Africa Cape Studies - around Cape Town Cost of Living in Cape Town About Cape Studies Cape Studies - brochure (BIG file download) Cape Studies - social projects Our courses Cape Studies - Standard Course Cape Studies - private tuition Cape Studies - Intensive Course … Continue reading New promotional material 2016 and 2017

Medical aid @ Cape Studies

360° for students is a medical aid plan from Discovery Health Medical Scheme – South Africa’s largest and most stable medical scheme by far. This plan gives international students studying in South Africa the most affordable quality healthcare. While you concentrate on your studies, let us concentrate on taking care of your healthcare needs. Follow … Continue reading Medical aid @ Cape Studies