On a wonderful shiny sunny day, the water was calm and the wind was perfect for sailing. David Hansen, a lone sailor, decided to go sailing on his boat, Saucy Sal. During the night a storm came up and the waves were very big and high. The boat began to sway strongly from side to side. After a while David was exhausted and the boat started to sink. David panicked and fell over board. The next day David woke up on a remote but beautiful island. His first impression of the island was beautiful sandy beaches with palm trees. Then he realized that the boat had sunk and he was isolated from civilization. He decided to look for help by writing (HELP) using mussel shells. While he was making a fire the tide came up and washed his writing away. Three days later he felt desperate about his situation without food and civilization. At night when he tried to get some sleep, he heard some noise but he didn’t care. The next morning when he went out of his hut to hunt, he saw foot prints on the ground. He started to follow them and suddenly saw a group of people shooting a movie on the beach. He started waving and shouting at the film crew. And they looked at him strangely. David told them about his awful experience. After that the crew took him back to civilization. A week later an article was in the news paper about David.

This was written by Fatma (Oman) and Rainer (Germany). It was a joint effort between them, written during an upper intermediate skills class. They were given the topic SHIP WRECK and had to make up a story.



2 thoughts on “Cape Studies: Story by Students – 08.12.2008

  1. Miss you guys so much, miss our best moments!!
    Hopefully, you’ll be joining me sometime.

    Lots of love and BEIJOS…


    Flavia Leticia

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